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Odbor školství, mládeže, tělovýchovy a sportu

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Symposium of Applied Arts Schools of Liberec Region is an international meeting of students of applied arts branches at secondary schools. It is coming out and continuing tradition and present of glass and jewellery industry and in this way oriented specialized training in Liberec region.

Participants can compare their creativity and handicraft skills. In accompanying programme they can make trips to interesting places of the Liberec region, visit leading companies, prepared are professional lectures, cultural and sport programme and other activities.

Symposium is outlined being competition and in each of workshops are by jury awarded a winning work.

History of Symposium:

2010 (from 18th September to 26th September 2010)

Seven schools, thirteen workshops, ten days, seventy young artists, four countries.



2007 (from 8th June to 18th June 2007 )

Seven schools, fourteen workshops, ten days, eighty young artists, nine countries.

Common theme DOTEKY / TOUCHES.


2004 (from 21st June to 1st July 2004 )

Seven schools, fifteen workshops, ten days, seventy-six young artists, nine countries.

Common theme STOPY / TRACES.


Awarded artworks created during the symposium were given to the collections of North Bohemian Museum in Liberec. The remaining were after the exhibition hand over to public auction or donated to schools.