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Odbor školství, mládeže, tělovýchovy a sportu

Smith´s Shop and Fitter´s Shop for Hot and Cold Working

The Secondary School of Applied Arts and the Higher Vocational School in Turnov / Střední uměleckoprůmyslová škola a Vyšší odborná škola Turnov


Skálova 373

511 01 Turnov

Czech Republic

Director: Ing. Jana Rulcová

tel.: +420 481 321 232

e-mail: sekretariat@sups.info


Layout of the workshop:

  • 30 x 10m (300m2)
  • the shop is divided into smith’s and fitter’s parts,
  • part of the workshop is a store room with material and hand tools, a teacher’s room and a locker room with sanitary facilities.

Equipment of the workshop:

  • working and shaping machines (centre lathe, universal milling machine, shaping machine, pedestal-type two-disk grinding machine, small two-disk machine, column bench drill beam, drilling machine),
  • smith’s forges (5 pcs), power hammers (2 pcs), anvils (10 pcs), hand smith’s and fitter’s tools,
  • electrical hand tools,
  • welding technique (flame welding, electric arc welding, semi-automatic welding of inert-gas shielded metals – MAG)
  • Parting of material – band saw (cutting diameter up to 210mm), plasma cutting (steel up to 12mm).

When entering the shops, students are required to have working clothes and shoes, when handling hot material, they are required to have a smith’s apron. It is students’ duty to use protective working aids while working and to observe cleanliness and hygiene at the place of work.

According to the curriculum, a responsible employee of the school will inform students about observing safety, hygiene and fire protection at the place of work.


It is highly recommended to consult the required profile, quality and amount of metallurgical material in advance, the latest till June, 29th, 2020.


For realization of a work in a smith’s and fitter’s shops, knowledge and skills of the branch are necessary.

List of working activities:

  1. Heat treatment of steel
  • annealing, hardening and tempering, face hardening, chemical-heat treatment of steel, forging temperatures

Work preparation

  • measuring, scribing, material parting (cutting), planishing
  1. Material treatment
  • filing, drilling, thread chasing, grinding and polishing, lathe-turning, drilling, milling, planing and shaping


  • smith’s tools, machines, equipment of a smith’s shop
  1. Ways of shaping forged steel
  • heating, spreading, upsetting, recessing, cutting, bending, piercing, passing through, twisting, forging of scrolls and cones, connection clips, riveting, folding, splitting, clamps, forging of plant motifs, forge welding

  Decorative techniques

  • acid engraving, chasing, grooving, metal inlay (tausie)
  1. Smith’s forging products and metal structures
  • finish hardware (grills, railings, fences, entrance gates, handles, hinges, door knockers, hand rail), forged sculptures and reliefs, lamps

  Steel welding

  • MIG, electric arc welding, flame welding, plasma cutting

Products assembly

Surface finishing of products


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