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Silversmith´s Work - Non-Traditional Materials

Secondary School of Crafts and Services of Jablonec nad Nisou / Střední škola řemesel a služeb Jablonec nad Nisou


Smetanova 426/66

466 01 Jablonec nad Nisou

Czech Republic

Director: Mgr. Martin Kubáč

phone: +420 483 320 803

e-mail: skola@sosjbc.cz


In workshop will be available goldsmith´s bench with complete equipment:

  • Soldering gun heated by natural gas
  • Central compressor
  • Tools for soldering – plates, soldering flux (borax), acid (for staining, prenagol)
  • Silver melting iron, sheet or brewed pap

Tools by bench:

  • Pliers – round one, half-round one, flat one, nippers,
  • goldsmith´s scissors,
  • smoothing trowels,
  • beaters,
  • files and needle files,
  • anvil,
  • trammel,
  • callipers,
  • sawframe etc.

Tools in work-room:

  • Lever shears,
  • drawing bench – various profiles and drawing plates for stretching of wire,
  • dapping blocks,
  • polishing machine – various wheels for polishing and tarnishing,
  • rolling machine,
  • drilling machine,
  • grinding machine,
  • conical ring mandrels,
  • utensils for stones setting,
  • supersound,
  • tumbler,
  • handy grinder (micro-motor)


  • silver (Ag) – sheets and wires according to requirements and possibilities.
  • ovenwares – clasps, balloons, earrings, sew-on settings for stones.

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